Uniting school staff around the Gospel

Area schools are the most influential community impacting students and families today, second to the local church.
The Gospel is the influence impacting the church and school.

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School employees can find where current, weekly fellowships exist throughout the county, as well as how to establish one within their school/department.  Staff are prayed for on a regular basis that God would create intentional, spirit-filled conversations with other staff members to bring others to an awareness of God’s saving grace through the Gospel.
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Church leaders have an exciting opportunity to connect their congregation to the vision of Staff Fellowship. This could be through the presentation of a SF staff member during the service, through a breakout session after service, or as a small group discussion.  Most school employees who attend church on Sundays are excited to bring the Church to their workplace as a weekly Bible study within their school.
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The prayer/financial team member believes in the vision of Staff Fellowship and how God is building His movement of believers within the school system to create a new revival among staff, students, families, and communities.  Financial support is used to draw a greater awareness through digital and physical social formats, to enlist more SF staff to extend reach within more schools, more counties, and ultimately, more states nationwide.
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STAFF Fellowship Inc. (STAFFF) exists to radically transform the role, relationships and reality of school employees through Christian fellowship.
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Our Statement of Faith

ON GOD | God is the creator and sustainer of the universe. He is omniscient (all knowing), omnipotent (all powerful), and omnipresent (exists everywhere). He exists as the triune God: Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. He is good, sovereign, and His love is for everyone.


ON JESUS | Jesus is equal to God and the Holy Spirit. He is the Son of God sent into the world as a perfect person to be a sacrifice for the sins of the world (past, present, and future). His birth, death, and resurrection were all prophesied in multiple locations in the Bible. Jesus fulfilled them all and did so perfectly. He overcame death in His resurrection and ascended into heaven. He holds authority over sin and death. Jesus will come again, in fulfillment of the Scriptures.


ON THE HOLY SPIRIT | The Holy Spirit is equal to God and Jesus. Jesus prepared His followers to anticipate the indwelling of the Holy Spirit after His ascension into heaven was complete. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit begins in the lives of those who accept the gift of salvation and continues throughout their lifetime. The Holy Spirit equips each Christian with knowledge of truth and the will to live righteously. The Holy Spirit provides each Christian with specific spiritual gifts and disciplines to experience abundant life in Christ.


ON THE BIBLE | The Bible is the inerrant Word of God that is void of defects, flaws, or inaccuracies. It was written by 40 authors inspired and equipped by the Holy Spirit. It is the final authority and source of truth for righteous living that God intended for everyone to experience. It is relevant to any culture and time period as evidenced by the omnipresent work of God.


ON SALVATION | Salvation is God’s gift for everyone to experience a real relationship with Him that lasts beyond the confines of life on earth. Relationship with God, intended to be eternal, becomes perfected when Christians enter heaven. Salvation comes to those who confess their sins to God, their forgiveness by the sacrifice of the perfect Savior, Jesus Christ, and declare Him as Lord over their life. It is by the grace of God that we can be saved, not by a person’s good works. As a result of salvation, a Christian’s relationship with God is evidenced by the good fruit they produce to encourage others to find salvation through Christ by words and actions.

About Us

About Brett Lesher

Brett is passionate about the culture of education, and all who are connected.  He graduated from Loudoun Valley High School in Purcellville, and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in communications from Liberty University and a master’s in educational counseling from Lynchburg College. During his career as a counselor within Loudoun County Public Schools, he launched faculty Bible studies within each of the schools he worked. Through those experiences, he formed relationships with other staff members eager to read the Gospel aloud and pray for the specific needs impacting their campuses. Brett recognized that many faculty around the county were eager to connect in similar ways. As a result, he took a leap of faith to leave his full-time position to create STAFF Fellowship Inc.

“I believe that people at my school need it not only personally but we need it professionally. We carry a huge burden for a lot of kids with a lot of stories and heartbreak and it wears on us, physically and emotionally.”
“There are so many negative influences in the world that attempt to take me off track.  I need to speak the Word of God with my colleagues to help me stay strong and remember my mission — to be a light for others.”
“Everyone can use the gift of being lifted up to God.”
“It’s great for the kids to see… to put it out there to encourage them; and for the staff, I think it’s a huge part for them to see that too.”
“People need it [time meeting around the Gospel], and maybe they just don’t feel comfortable with it or they don’t know in the school system what is acceptable and what’s okay, and maybe they’re a little nervous.  I think having it, a place where teachers come to know they’re there for each other and share the same thoughts and beliefs.  It’s a great thing for people who might be having other struggles.”
“Prayer is the key that removes the darkness.  So whenever we speak the Word of God in any place, darkness is removed.  Because greater is He that is in us than in the world.  So when we speak the Word of God, when we voice it out that removes the darkness in this place.”
“It’s nice to know like-minded support.  We need that support.  To feel like we’re not the only Christians…”
“Keep the enemy away from school.  Protection.”
“I am much better for having given my “first fruits” of time to the Lord and THEN, start my day with peers, students and planning.”

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